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Car is not starting Inspection Service

A car that fails to start is a rare occurrence in this age of greatly improved efficiency and reliability. But it still happens occasionally, and the advanced electronic technologies that have made cars better have also made the job of roadside diagnosis difficult, if not impossible, for even reasonably handy owners. One of our expert mobile mechanics can provide an expeditious diagnosis and provide a quote for any necessary repairs.

If the engine cranks, but the car doesn't start
Bad fuel pump:
A faulty fuel pump won't deliver fuel to the engine, even if you've just filled up.

Bad spark plugs:
Without hot sparks to ignite the fuel charge in each cylinder, there is no combustion and no expansion of the burning mixture. Thus, the engine will not start.

Bad timing belt:
If the timing belt stretches or breaks, the engine will not run. Moreover, continuing to crank the engine may bring the valves into contact with the piston, causing serious engine damage.

Bad ignition coil:
Without a functional coil to step up the voltage, there can be no spark. No spark means no start.

Faulty cam or crank sensor:
If the sensors are faulty they will either provide no information to the ignition system, or will provide incorrect data. Either way, the engine will not fire.

If nothing happens after you turn the key
Bad battery or terminals:
Batteries have a finite lifespan, and terminals can loosen or corrode.

Bad starter:
This should be obvious from the response to the key. If nothing happens at all when you turn the key, the starter may have reached the end of its life.

Ignition problem:
This could be due to faulty contacts in the ignition switch, or in the wiring.

If there is a grinding noise when you turn the key
Starter is bad:
Do not persist in cranking the engine.

What to expect:
A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the cause of your car’s failure to start through a series of diagnostic procedures. You will receive an upfront, fair and transparent estimate for the necessary repairs. The mechanic will book a follow-up appointment to perform the repairs and will bring the required parts and tools. All repairs are covered by our warranty.

How it's done:
The mechanic will check the ignition system, fuel system, and charging system, and then look for any mechanical damage. The mechanic may also try an alternative fuel source, like a quick shot of brake or carburetor cleaner into the throttle body, or a quick shot of liquid fuel via a vacuum line. If the car starts momentarily and then dies, that indicates that you have a fuel delivery issue.

How important is this service?
It goes without saying that a non-starting car is an important issue to address. Do not ignore or abandon the car if it’s not starting; this is an issue that should be dealt with promptly. Book a mechanic to perform a thorough diagnostic as soon as possible.